Military Vehicle Transport Train in support of BERLIN-PATROL 2019

Since 2012 there has been a close alignment with the BERLIN-PATROL project from Berlin. 2019 will bring a close cooperation between rail and road activities:

In 2019 there will be transport train from Hertogenbosch to collect the participating military vintage cars from Great-Britain, Belgium, France and the Netherlands and to bring them to Fassberg Air Base, where the BERLIN-PATROL Start Camp is to be starting June 13th.

The camp will be embedded into the program at Fassberg Air Base and the famous Berlin Airlift Commemoration site on occasion of the “Tag der Bundeswehr / Day of the Bundeswehr”.

The vehicles are then to cross from Fassberg via Helmstedt toward former Checkpoint Alpha to Checkpoint Bravo into Berlin. Details for the 2019 venue can be taken from the BERLIN-PATROL website.

The return Transport from Berlin to Hertogenbosch will leave Berlin on June 22. More soon under “Booking”.